About the blog…

I believe in the right of free self education and free information. The blog’s content is a compilation of different sorts of information to make knowledge easier for many people. The blog has a majority, of course, of posts of my own creation and thought; other posts will have little ‘chunks’ of information from other sources, most of them being of public domain, such as grammar rules. As I said it before, I believe in the right of free self education and free information, so I DO NOT adjudge the intellectual rights of any of the content of this blog to myself (even my own work) in order to let people use it to expand their knowledge or help others! Although, a tiny reference would be nice… If this blog has helped you, spread the word about it so others can be benefited from it as well!


Acronyms and Abbreviations

Abbreviation Meaning Abbreviation Meaning
411 Information LOL Laughing out loud
ACC Account MSG Message
ADMIN Administrator n00b Bad gamer
AFK Away from keyboard NOOB Bad gamer
AKA Also known as NP No problem
ASAP As soon as possible NSA No strings attached
ATM At the moment NVM Never mind
B4 Before OG Original gangster
BC Because OMG Oh my God
BDAY Birthday OS Operating system
BF Boyfriend P2P Peer to peer
BRB Be right back P2P Pay to play (online gaming)
BTDT Been there, done that PLZ Please
BTW By the way POV Point of view
CYA See you PPL People
DIY Do it yourself R Are
DL Download RIP Rest in peace
ETA Estimated time of arrival ROFL Rolling on floor laughing
EZ Easy RT Roger that
F2F Face to face RT Retweet
F2P Free to play SO Significant other
FAQ Frequently asked questions SOB Son of a bitch
FB Facebook STFU Shut the fuck up
FU Fuck you SYL See you later
FYI For your information TMI Too much information
GF Girlfriend TNT Til next time
G2G Got to go TY Thank you
GR8 Great UL Upload
GRATZ Congratulations W8 Wait
IDK I don’t know WTF What the fuck?
IK I know XOXOXO Hugs & kisses
JK Just kidding Y? Why?
K Okay YW You’re welcome
L8R Later ZZZZ Sleeping

Present Progressive Oral Practice

This video can be used by ESL teachers to practice the use of Present Progressive in a different and funny way in the class.

How to do it?

  1. Watch the whole video before playing it to your SS.
  2. Explain Present Progressive to the class.
  3. Print this practice out and hand it to your SS.
  4. Instruct them to do the practice and to ask for new vocabulary.
  5. After your SS have finished, write on the board numbers 1 to 34, and then ask them to go to the board and write the -ing conjugation of each verb.
  6. Play the video.
  7. Instruct your SS to say out loud what action is taking placing while the video is being played. Erase the verbs as they are said out loud by your SS.
  8. Pause the video after every clip has ended so SS have the time to think about the actions that were just happening and ask about new vocabulary.
  9. Play some clips twice if the SS ask for it.

Important notes:

  • The video can be used to practice both Present Progressive and Past Progressive as well as other tenses; it is up to the teacher to use the video in the right way.


  • Ask your SS to interrupt the video if needed when saying a Present Progressive sentence. The video or clips can be played again.


  • Encourage your SS to say as many possible ongoing actions as possible.


You may want to use this slideshow to help you explain Present Progressive to your SS:

Present Progressive