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Classifying Prepositions

Prepositions are classified in different categories depending on their function.

Here is a list of some prepositions and examples by their classification:

Prepositions of place

  • ·         In: used to expressed something is contained

Example: The cat is in the box.

  • ·         On:

Example: The box is on the table. 

  • ·         Over/Above

Example: There is a bird over his head. 

  • ·         Behind

Example: There is a garden behind the house. 

  • ·         Under

Example: There is a dog under the table. 

  • ·         By

Example: He stands by me. 

  • ·         In front of

Example: There is a shop in front of me. 

  • ·         At

Example: He is at home.

Prepositions of direction

  • ·         To

Example: Come to the blackboard.

  • ·         From

Example: This is a present from your friend.

  • ·         Into

Example: Put the pen into the bag.

  • ·         Out of

Example: Take the pen out of the bag.

  • ·         At

Example: They were at the meeting.

  • ·         Through

Example: He came through the window.

Prepositions of time

  • ·         In: used with months, years, seasons.

Example: I was born in 1988. 

The flowers will bloom in spring.

  • ·         On: used with days.

Example: He came on Monday. 

  • ·         At: used with noon, night, midnight, and with the time of the day.

Example: Sun stops its voyage at noon.

The movie starts at 6 p.m.

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