Present Progressive Practice

Complete the following sentences using the Present Progressive. Remember to check the subject and to follow the “-ing rules.”

  1. A guy __________________ (dance) to music.
  2. A guy __________________ (cry) over a girl.
  3. A man __________________ (hold) a bottle of water.
  4. A man __________________ (open) the fridge.
  5. Two guys __________________ (enter) an office
  6. A guy __________________ (yell) using a paper cup.
  7. A guy __________________ (talk) about money problems.
  8. A man __________________ (watch)V..
  9. An onion __________________ (bounce) on the floor.
  10. A man __________________ (knock) the door.
  11. A man __________________ (drink)
  12. A big guy __________________ (stare) with anger at Charlie.
  13. Two men __________________ (talk) at the bar.
  14. Charlie __________________ (dial) the phone.
  15. Someone __________________ (ring) the doorbell.
  16. A guy __________________ (freak out).
  17. A cell phone __________________ (ring).
  18. Charlie __________________ (play) the piano.
  19. Alan __________________ (try) to explain something to Charlie.
  20. Charlie __________________ (cook)
  21. Charlie __________________ (be)
  22. Alan __________________ (read) a book.
  23. Charlie __________________ (be) angry at his fiancée.
  24. Charlie __________________ (try) to open the door.
  25. Alan __________________ (put on) a helmet to Charlie.
  26. Charlie __________________ (get) a pot.
  27. Charlie __________________ (sing)
  28. Charlie __________________ (look) at a guy’s face.
  29. A man __________________ (laugh).
  30. Two guys __________________ (sit) at the bar.
  31. Charlie __________________ (bang) his head into the table.
  32. Charlie __________________ (show) his keys to Alan.
  33. Charlie __________________ (give) money to Alan.
  34. A guy __________________ (pour) water into a paper cup.


Conditionals Oral Practice

This video can be used by ESL teachers to practice the use of Conditionals and Wish in a very funny way in the class.

How to do it?

  1. Watch the whole video before playing it to your SS.
  2. Pause the video at the beginning of each clip to let your SS predict the outcome of the situation.
  3. Think about the best moment to pause the clips so SS can have the opportunity to use all the correct conditionals and ‘wish’.
  4. Pause the video after every clip has ended so SS can use more conditionals and ‘wish’.

Important notes:

  • The video can be used to practice all Conditionals and Wish; it is up to the teacher to use the video in the right way, so SS do not have to know how to use all conditionals in order to enjoy the activity.


  • You have to make sure they are using the correct conditional according to the situation (be very careful when SS use Second Conditional as it is often misused).


  • Ask your SS to think about the craziest outcomes for each situation; the crazier or less probable the outcome gets, the more likely they will need Second Conditional.


  • Encourage a debate by letting your SS explain why they are using a specific conditional.


You may want to use these slideshows to help you explain Conditionals to your SS:

First Conditional

Second Conditional

Third Conditional